Frequently Asked Questions only has an option to request services in the state of Hawaii, but I live elsewhere, how do I request services in another location?

You can utilize our Provider Directory to search for professional Engineers, Architects, and Surveyors throughout the United States. You will be able to use the Direct Messaging feature within the Provider Directory to contact registered professionals found on your search.

Our request and notification system is currently only available in the state of Hawaii, but is constantly adding more Engineers, Architects, and Surveyors to its database of registered professional service providers. When we have enough service providers registered in an area to adequately respond to inquiries, then that location will be selectable when submitting a request. If you like what you see on, and want us to focus on your area, please let us know!

How does verify that firms provided have registered professionals employed and providing responsible oversight?

Each state has an online license status for its registered professionals. For example, the State of Hawaii license verification system can be found at: As part of the registration process, professional service providers are required to provide the license number of at least one professional at their firm. We verify that the provider’s license is in good standing before we activate their profile on We also re-verify good standing of all service providers’ licenses on a yearly basis, in May.

Why should I use instead of finding an engineer, architect, or surveyor on my own?

You can certainly find engineering, architecture and survey firms through a number different of sources, such as the classifieds or Internet search engines. However, offers a one stop shop where these professionals come to you for your business. You only need to submit one request, instead of making numerous phone calls or web inquiries, and then providers respond to you directly within two business days. Additionally, will connect you with service providers who specializes in the area you need, so you don’t waste time calling an electrical engineer when you actually need a civil engineer to assist you with site development.

How do I know what kind of Engineer, Architect, or Surveyor I need on my project?

You can review brief descriptions of the engineering, architecture and service categories available on by following these links:

Find an Engineer
Find an Architect
Find a Surveyor

If you don’t find a category for the kind of service you’re looking for, we encourage you to submit a request for follow up and select the “Determine this for me” option in the category menu. We’ll read through the description of your project, and make sure it gets to an Engineer, Architect, or Surveyor that would be able to help. Let us do the work for you!

If you have a question that wasn't answered in our FAQ, please let us know how we can help you.

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