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Looking to gain a better understanding of the services Surveyors provide? Please see below for brief descriptions of the survey service categories currently has available. If you don’t find a category for the kind of service you’re looking for, we would encourage you to submit a request for follow up and select the “Determine this for me” option in the category menu. We’ll read through the description of your project, and make sure it gets to a Surveyor that would be able to help. Let us do the work for you!

Land Surveys
Measuring and recording of existing site features by gathering information through observations, field measurements, and other surrounding as-built data. Utilized to provide a starting point for site development, understanding of site constraints, or to plan for improvements of an area.

Construction Staking 
Layout, staking, and offsetting of points for reference in new construction.

Property Boundary / Title Surveys
Examination of current title boundaries and physical staking of those boundaries in and around residential or commercial property. Utilized to assure property described matches title on file with the local municipality so ownership limits are correctly conveyed.

Topographic Surveys
A measurement of the elevation of points on a particular piece of land. Information compiled to provide contour lines on a plan view representing the topography of a site.

Establishment of Survey Control
Placement of survey benchmarks or control points to establish reference for future surveys.

Hydrographic Surveys
A survey conducted with the purpose of mapping the shoreline and bed of a body of water for navigation, engineering, or resource management purposes.

Utility Location Surveys
Location, layout, staking, or painting of existing underground utilities in advance of an excavation or use of heavy equipment.

Aerial Surveys
Photographic surveys from an aircraft or satellite.

LiDAR Surveys
Survey using light and lasers to scan buildings, rock formations, or any other surface to produce a three dimensional (3D) model.

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